Lee Bennett,
UK Full Contact Champion
Distributor, for Welz Chi Generators®

The leading Orgone and Radionics Distributor for Sports and Bodybuilding

Orgone Generator®: a gigantic step into the future!

What is an "Orgone Generator®"?
Life force boosted radionics devices are powerful tools that can help you achieve assured success faster and easier with results that are more effective and far reaching than ever before - At the flip of a switch!

We have a large range of items for sale which include - Welz Chi Generators® (Orgone Generators®), Power Radionics devices, Power Radionics applications for your computer and generator/radionics accessories.

Lee Bennett is now doing Live Broadcasts on Martial Arts and Bodybuilding with the Performer. Click Here for the schedule


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A Demonstration of The Performer

Karl Hans Welz gives a demonstration on how to use the Performer 2400 and explains some of the optional accessories and their uses.

Kyokushin pic
HSCTI and Karl Hans Welz are the official sponsors
of The Rising Sun Kyokushin Karate Club.

2400 RADHD -2400 RADHD
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